2013 PFMC: Play Area Enhancement Project (Phase 1) – Oct Status Update

The outcome of the recent PFMC sub-committee meeting, at which the key objective was to discuss the propositions from the two identified suppliers, was agreement being reached that the committee will provide confirmation to the successful supplier chosen to engage with for the next stages of this project. Of the two identified suppliers, Wicksteed were chosen and they have been notified of the PFMC intention to proceed to the next level. The other supplier has been informed they were unsuccessful for this phase of the Play Area enhancement but will be considered for Phase 2.

The main reasons behind the decision to engage further with Wicksteed were:

  • flexibility and support throughout the discovery phase
  • high level of service
  • professionalism
  • professional services funding team available to assist
  • speed of service
  • quality and durability of equipment
  • lots of local reference sites
  • range of equipment (covers a wider age range)
  • specification of rocking horse
  • overall impression portrayed

Phase 1 enhancements plan (Issue 2) is shown in the diagram below. This plan was shown at the September PC meeting and an almost identical plan was made available in the Church Room for villagers to view mid-August at the Children’s hand print art work sessions. A large copy of this plan will be displayed at the 2013 Bonfire night event for villagers to view. Click on the below plan to view a larger image.

5_18818 Iss 2 Claydon PFMC

A detailed report will be provided at the Trustee meeting on the 12th November 2013 and will include;

  • Project Aim
  • Project Background
  • Supplier Chosen
  • Equipment Recommendation
  • Equipment costing (for insurance purposes)
  • Funding Approach

A status update will be issued after the Trustee meeting has taken place.

All comments below or via email to the PFMC gratefully received…

3 thoughts on “2013 PFMC: Play Area Enhancement Project (Phase 1) – Oct Status Update

  1. This looks marvellous – well done to all concerned! We don’t have children ourselves, but I can see this being really appealing to kids. So nice to have such a facility in the village.

  2. well done the team . plan looks good. hope funding package explained at the oct. council meeting works out . – jon. hall

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