Walk 4 – Winter Warmer

This walk requires appropriate footwear and takes approx 2 hours to complete along country lanes / through fields to the south-west of Claydon.

Starting from the Claydon sign near the Playing Field, walk down Appletree Road, over the canal bridge, then over the stile by the metal farm gate immediately to your right.

Follow the footpath diagonally across the field (directed by the yellow arrow/white discs and white arrow/green discs), across the small bridge over the brook, along the right-hand edges of two fields, then through a gap in-between high hedges.

Stay on this footpath for around 30 metres to an intersection of paths.

Turn right and follow this bridleway route along the right-hand edge of one field, across a bridge over the brook, then straight along the left-hand fenced / hedged edge of a second field, through the gateway in the far corner.

Follow the track across a canal bridge and up to the main Claydon-Cropredy Road. Through the gate, turn right and follow the road back to Claydon.


Walk 4 – Winter Warmer Map