Church Room

A new committee was formed in 2014 with the main change being that it would assume responsibility for continued improvements. It would receive all fees for hire and be responsible for running costs including insurance and electricity used by the room.

Present members of the Church Room Committee are:

Clive Mutch (all bookings)
Tel (01295) 690610

Dorothy Beckett
Tel (01295) 690322

Keith Hamilton
Tel (01295) 690324

Don Siviter
Tel (01295) 690592

John Moffitt
Tel (01295) xxxxxx

Since 2014 we have;

  • Installed 3 double glazed windows and a new door
  • The carpet has been cleaned
  • Chairs repaired
  • A wheelchair is available for those who need it short term and has been used by three people.

A grant was received from the Co-op towards one window but all other work has been paid for by monies received.

Plans are in hand to replace the remaining window, rectify tiling in the kitchen and paint safety strips on the steps leading up from the room.

The room is available for a wide range of interests at a very reasonable charge. The fee for a 4 hour period is £9.  There is a reduction for those groups or individuals who book on 12 or more occasions per year. The all day fee is £17.


A copy of the November 2013 CHURCH ROOM REPORT is available here