Improve Wi-Fi Reception

Poor Wi-Fi reception at home?

If you are struggling with poor Wi-Fi reception at home, there are a few things that you can do to try and resolve the issue;

  1. Download this FREE Andriod app to obtain a better understanding of where you have poor Wi-Fi signal areas in your house
  2. Use the above app to help understand if you are using the same Wi-Fi channel (frequency) as your neighbours and hence in competition for bandwidth. If you are, then change the Wi-Fi channel that your router is using to an unsed channel
  3. Install Wi-Fi extenders, some examples can be found here, there are many more available (some good / some bad), so some reading of on-line reviews might be required (Google is your friend…)

If you still have issues, it might be worth considering if you really need Wi-Fi or if using HomePlug powerline networking adaptors would be a better solution