Walk 2 – Broadmoor Bridge Circuit

This walk requires appropriate footwear and takes approx 2 hours to complete.

Starting from St James the Great Church, walk South along Main Street and then down Appletree Road to the canal where you join the towpath and follow the canal heading South (in the Banbury / Cropredy direction).

You will walk past the Lower Claydon Locks, followed by a lovely straight stretch of water after which the canal gently twists and turns before you pass Clattercote Wharf and a farm to your right.

Carry on along the towpath, under a stone bridge and past Varney’s Lock until you reach Broadmoor Lock & Bridge. For a shorter walk you can simply re-trace your steps back up the canal.

For a longer walk, take the road heading left and follow it up the hill towards Appletree (lovely views of Claydon village) until you see a “Public Footpath” sign in the hedge on your left.

Go diagonally across the field to the far corner, then follow the track to the edge of the spinney ahead, at which point you will join up with the Macmillan Way. Follow the path around the spinney and down the hill.

Stay on this footpath now through multiple fields, crossing a small brook, a bridleway, another brook and then diagonally across the last field to be back at Appletree Road. From here, head back up the road to your left to return to Claydon.

Walk 2 - Broadmoor Bridge Circuit Map

Walk 2 – Broadmoor Bridge Circuit Map