Walk 5 – Claydon To Farnborough

This walk takes you to Farnborough, where you could stroll around Farnborough Hall, the National Trust property, or perhaps enjoy lunch at the award-winning The Inn at Farnborough.

Estimated time to walk: 45-60 minutes each way.

Please note: the public footpaths cross a railway track and busy main road, so proceed with extreme caution.

Starting from Claydon’s St James the Great Church, walk North along Main Street then turn left down Crossing Lane. Follow the lane, over the railway crossing, and straight along the dirt track.

At the end of the fenced part of the track take the signposted footpath to your left (path cleared at this time of year), up the hilly field (with a view back to Claydon), through the gap in the hedge and then diagonally right, through the next field to a wooden gate.

Through this gate, keep straight, through a second gate, across the main road (cross with care), then through another gate at the bottom of Park Lodge drive.

Follow the line of the hedge to your right, and then go through the gate marked “National Trust Stock Grazing”. Straight for 50 yards, then into the churchyard on your right.

Through the churchyard to another gate, down the alleyway to Farnborough’s main street. From here turn left to visit Farnborough Hall, or right to visit The Inn at Farnborough.

Retrace your steps to return to Claydon.