Improve Broadband Speed

The authors of take no responsibility whatsoever for any losses, damage, even slower broadband or anything else as result of you reading this article and following the guidance within.

The first step is to determine the current speed of your broadband connection. There are a lot of sites out there who do this for free and are very easy to use. Here are a couple of example sites;

It would be prudent to try both sites, at least a few times on different days at different times. Be sure to keep a note of the Download speed and the Upload speed for future reference and also to verify any improvements after following the below guidance…

Next step is to determine the quality of your broadband Internet connection. Streaming media, voice, video communications, and online gaming require more than just raw speed alone! Test your connection now at:

Again be sure to keep a note of the results for future reference / verify any improvements.

Now for the fun part;

  1. Check ALL your house phones work before starting!
  2. Identify your master phone socket, this is the first socket in your house fitted by the telecoms provider, normally bearing their logo. If it has a two part front, it’s very likely an NTE5, if it has a solid front then it’s against the law for you to touch it. Assuming you have an NTE5 split face master socket carry on…
  3. Remove the lower part of the face plate by undoing the two short screws. Note! You must not tamper with the piece left on the wall
  4. You’re now going to remove the bell wire. The bell wire (or Ring Wire) is a hang over from the old days when extra current was needed to ring the bells on old fashioned phones. This wire is no longer needed and it creates a lot of ‘noise’ (intereference) which reduces your broadband speed. Bell wire removal should not effect any of your other phone services. The bell wire is ‘normally‘ located in the number ‘3’ slot and is usually Orange and White in colour. Give it a tug out of the slot (a pair of pliers will help). You should leave behind two wires connected to slots ‘2’ and ‘5’.
  5. Tidy away the spare wires and replace the front part of the socket.
  6. Now restart your router and when it’s up and running, check your new broadband speed again. Hopefully it will have improved slightly.
  7. Check ALL your house phones still work. If you experience an issue, it is easy enough to slot the bell wire back into slot number ‘3’. HINT! The back of a stanley knife blade is very good for CAREFULLY doing this.
  8. Important! Now leave your router on for 7 Days. The local phone exchange will automatically improve your IP profiling after seeing a higher router speed during this 7 day period. This is called IP Profiling. It’s only after this duration will you see a real improvement in broadband speed.
  9. After the 7 days have passed, test your speed (and ping response) again and you will hopefully be pleasantly surprised…
  10. If you still don’t see any improvement, another option may be to purchase a ‘BT Broadband Accelerator’ (also known as an iPlate). This does a very similar job to removing the bell wire by reducing ‘noise’ (intereference) on your line. You can check if a ‘BT Broadband Accelerator’ work for you via this BT site. If the answer if ‘Yes’, then an example site to purchase an iPlate from is (there are many other sites to buy an iPlate. The authors of have no association to, please shop online at your own risk.)